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VesTallyToken(VTT) is a deflationary, self reflecting token designed to become scarcer over time. Holders of VTT have exclusive weighted voting rights which will determine the course of action for proposal strategies and charitable initiatives. Weighted blockchain voting gives holders a voice in the development of VTT. Honest liquidity pool distribution, transparent smart contract functionality, rewarding tokenomics, and token governance make VTT the ideal token to buy, hold, trade, and utilize during 2022 and on.

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VTT Core Team
VTT Home Page
Jonathan Urbanski
Lead Developer
VTT Home Page
James Porada
Operations VP
VTT Home Page
Todd Benn
Equity VP
VTT Home Page
Jeff Franckowiak
VTT Home Page
Joe Hebert
Financial Operations
VTT Home Page
Mark Resnick

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Liquidity & PreSale:
624,000,000,000,000 VTT

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Holder Rewards
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General description

VesTallyToken is unique among deflationary coins that utilize tokenomics as the VTT contract does not utilize the liquidity pool to reward developers in an unbalanced manner. (all holders are treated equally). VTT maintains a balanced X*Y=K liquidity pool and empowers token holders with voting rights.

Functions of tokens

  • Project account is viewable on the application dashboard.
  • 70% Liquidity pool will be locked through Pinksale
  • Utilizes a deflationary Token to hedge $USD inflation 
  • Utilizes tokenomics to reward holders.
  • Utilizes tokenomics for proposal strategies and charitable initiatives.
  • Token burning to increase liquidity pool valuation.
  • Utility within the website dashboard for: 
    • Voting 
    • Account holdings reports
$VTT Timeline

Road Map

September 2021
Develop Smart Contract for VTT
October 2021
Develop Smart Contract for Elections
November 2021
Develop DevTest Website

DevTest website utilized for initial project setup for templating and planning

December 2021
Develop Dapp for Dashboard Proposals

VTT dashboard allows holders to authenticate with MetaMask and vote on project proposals. Voting outcomes are recording on the blockchain and transparantly acted upon.

January 2022
Develop Dapp for Dashboard Transparancy
January 2022
Develop dapp for account transparency

VTT Dashboard shows account address holdings of Token and NFTs

January 2022
Finalize Contract Testing on BSC Testnet
January 2022
Launch Production WebSite
January 2022
Begin marketing initiative w/ Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook.
January 2022
Finalize contract audit (mid January)
January 2022
Marketing and Social Media Announcements
January 2022
Finalize Pre-Sale
February 2022
Deploy Pink Sale
March 2022
First vote complete - Blockchain development underway.
Q2 2022 +
Proposal DAPP Development and Next Steps

Continue dapp and dashboard development, Site Improvements / Community Engagement, Non Partisan Charity Vote

What makes VesTallyToken Special?

VesTallyToken Rewards, Donates, and Burns.

There are various strategies in place to decrease the supply of VestTallyToken over time. The deflationary nature of the token hedges against inflation and helps individual holdings become more valuable with stronger future voting weights.

4% of every transaction is deposited into the $VTT project address. Quarterly voting will occur to determine which proposal strategies will be utilized.

Holders  determine 6 month, 1 year, and 5 year strategies for VTT and dapp development. When the term is complete holders will vote via the block chain on the proposal strategies to determine strategy outcome.  The project account holdings  are viewable to holders utilizing the $VTT dashboard linked from the contract homepage. All project wallets are posted in the dashboard and viewable on BSCScan.

The VTT tokenomics help keep voting equitable. Typically smartcontract logic is necessary to ensure fair voting rights; VTT tokenomics alone discourages voters from transferring holdings for additional voting opportunities. The tokenomic tax rate incurred by transferring for the sole purpose of gaining multiple voting opportunities discourages holders from attempting to “game the system” and is an elegant approach to fair governance.

VesTallyToken is also road mapping a series of utilities, NFT projects, and games with the aim of increasing holder engagement and generating utility.