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To buy VTT on PancakeSwap, you will need to have Binance Smart Chain (BNB) on a wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

1) Use this link to navigate to PancakeSwap (either on your wallet browser or normal browser)

2) It will ask you to import our token, which you have to check “I Understand” and then click import.
***ALWAYS ensure you’re using trusted and verified links and VTT contract address***
VesTallyToken Contract Address: 0xE34e3eDBc2964ac2B93034db83A9dc47A4E6E8Af

3) Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap, which will auto populate the amount of VTT you gain in return.

4) Set a slippage that you are comfortable with.

5) Click swap, read through your details, and confirm swap.

6) Congratulations! It will alert you that your transaction has been submitted and should give you an option to add VTT to your wallet.

Vest : Our community has a vested interest in the growth of VTT.

Tally: Our community is empowered by governance and we can tally sentiment.

VesTally : is the blending of Vest & Tally.  Vestally is synonymous with chaste and has the connotation of pureness.

VesTallyToken is a pure, community vested, self reflecting token which supports governance and community engagement.

Tokenomic automatic burn rates combined with anticipated buy back and burn strategies will add valuation to the liquidity pool so token holders gain on their initial investment and rewards.

Every Transaction is taxed 13%

— Tax Breakdown —
5% Holder Rewards
4% Project Proposal Strategies
2% Burn
1% Charity & Social Actions
1% Marketing & Logistics

A DeFi liquidity pool is a smart contract that locks tokens (typically in a pair) to ensure liquidity for those tokens on a decentralized exchange. Those who provide tokens to the smart contract are called liquidity providers. VTT’s liquidity pool distribution utilizes the x*y=k liquidity principal, and does not reward devs or early adopters from that liquidity pool. (all holders are treated the same)

The private sale (4% of tokens) was held offline.

The following addresses are excluded from reflection rewards :

Contract: 0xE34e3eDBc2964ac2B93034db83A9dc47A4E6E8Af
Charity Address : 0x6633c5DE5d446047D519b8f7237829b4aCF57631
Marketing Address : 0xAcdE62929Ad6b6c105185E22F76C7360FE61466A
Project Address : 0x1CE7230f2025297065D75cD2CCa8B7eD6871289D

We’ve excluded these wallets from rewards as we only want our Token Holders to benefit from the Token rewards!

We’ve committed to lock 70% of the BNB generated on pinksale.finance contract for 1 year in pancake swap.  You’ll see some projects with a lower percentage and you’ll see some projects with 100%.  Specifically for VesTallyToken what this means is when we hit our hard cap of 800BNB, pinksale takes 2% of the BNB raised, then 70% is locked in the pancakeswap liquidity pool and 30% is available for the project to finance and accomplish roadmap objectives like bringing the token to exchanges or dapp development as an example.

VTT cannot be mined, all the VTT that will ever be minted has been minted.  Because the VTT token is deflationary, the total amount of VTT will automatically lower as time goes on, increasing value for VTT holders.